Shop In-Store; Pay In-App

How it works
App screenshot showing SelfPay®: A landing page with large barcode scanner button to add items to your cart
App screenshot showing SelfPay®: A product view with a helpful item description and prominent "Add to Cart" button in green.
App screenshot showing SelfPay®: A shopping cart view with a product in the cart, a large barcode scanner button to add additional items, and a clear payment options buttons on the bottom.
App screenshot showing SelfPay®: The final screen of a typical checkout process, showing the receipt from a purchase
  • Offer full self-checkout on the shopper’s device
  • Improve shopper engagement at their personal moment of decision
  • Remove lines; optimize labor with a complementary sales channel
  • Enhance loss prevention with mobile purchase verification

Remove the wait to pay.

Improve shopper loyalty; keep them coming back.

Checkout Everywhere

Increase cart size by extending product details and payments to every shopper’s device, so they spend less time waiting and more time shopping.

Data Ownership

Integrate SelfPay into your own POS/inventory software and payments processor. Full browsing and transaction data is yours to keep.

Optimize Labor

Reduce dependency on cashier labor and better match cashier supply to shopper demand.

Verify Transactions

Use our patented purchase verification to make sure all SelfPay purchases have been paid for, and to give your shoppers peace of mind.

Built to fit your needs

Choose one or more deployment options, each with our patented purchase verification.


List your stores in our multi-retailer SelfPay app. Once a shopper is in your store, your branding, your payments and your experience are the sole focus.


Embed SelfPay in your own branded app and extend its capabilities to include mobile self-checkout, and make it a part of your existing mobile experience.

White Label

Let us build a customized shop and pay app for you. Together we will build an experience sure to impress the modern mobile shopper.

Add SelfPay to your existing systems

Your POS and inventory systems are the backbone of your 
retail operation and SelfPay integrates seamlessly

Off the Shelf

For those with mass-market, cloud-based POS solutions, such as Shopify or Vend, SelfPay offers a turnkey system that can get your stores up and running in-app in just a few weeks.


Third party multi-vendor POS and inventory solutions often leverage middleware to add features and functionality. We work with leading middleware providers including Apigee and Informatica to bring SelfPay to enterprise-grade systems.


If you prefer to keep all systems in-house, we work directly with your IT team, and any third party systems integrator to connect SelfPay directly to your backend POS and ERP systems.

Channel Partners

  • API Management & Predictive Analytics


    Apigee helps businesses use APIs to securely share data and services across a myriad of devices and channels.  SelfPay leverages the Apigee platform to create a critical link between the shopper mobile device and your POS and inventory systems simplifying and expediting integration.

  • Beanstream

    Beanstream’s PCI Level 1 compliant payment platform is bank neutral and designed to operate with most of the common processing platforms in North America. Beanstream securely vaults and transmits SelfPay shopper’s payment information to your existing merchant processor.

  • Data integration leader for Big Data and Cloud Analytics


    Informatica is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software. Worldwide, over 5,800 enterprises depend on Informatica to fully leverage their information assets. Informatica technology helps SelfPay integrate with your enterprise-grade systems.

  • Software and Labs


    Twocanoes Software facilitates enterprise beacon deployment through Bleu, its integrated family of software, hardware, and custom development services. Twocanoes beacons help locate SelfPay shoppers in-store and enable in-store shopping and payments functions.

Payment Integration

  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Amex
  • Discover
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Master Pass (Coming Soon)
  • Visa Checkout (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already have cash registers and self-checkout kiosks; why deploy SelfPay?

    Shoppers love using their mobile devices In-store! Don’t just take our word for it though, Deloitte shows that over half of shoppers would rather use their phone to look up item details and make a purchase than speak to a sales associate or use a self-checkout kiosk. In addition, App Dynamics (PDF, 402K) has shown that 75% of US smartphone shoppers are asking for an app that could let them bypass the checkout lines.

    Requiring customers to wait in line to pay at a fixed checkout station or kiosk adds time and complexity to a process that can be streamlined and instant with SelfPay. SelfPay makes shopping fun, payments easy and meets shoppers’ needs and preferences for accessible product information and time saving convenience.

    SelfPay meets shopper demands and is built for the long term. You can carry over just about any POS system and digital payment method to make it available in SelfPay. If you need to pivot at some point down the road, we’ll be there with our growing integration set.

    In today’s competitive market, retailers who are best able to meet shoppers’ needs will gain customers, market share and loyalty.

  • What payment methods can I offer through SelfPay?

    SelfPay supports payments made by major credit cards, credit card branded debit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. We are agnostic to payment method and plan to add more options soon. We leave it up to you to decide which payment methods work for your stores. We can build payment method integrations on-demand and integrate with 450+ payment processors.

  • How does SelfPay deter theft?

    All deployment options include access to our patented Verify feature. SelfPay Verify is deployed on a store or associate-owned mobile device and can be used from anywhere in-store to scan and verify shoppers’ digital SelfPay receipts to confirm that all items were paid for before they leave the store.

    SelfPay Verify displays a visual receipt to the associate, including product images, and can warn associates if a SelfPay receipt has previously been used or if there is cause to doubt a shopper’s purchase. SelfPay’s Verify process takes only seconds and can help deter and even reduce theft

  • How does SelfPay know that a shopper is in my store and how can I be assured that payments are being credited to my merchant account?

    We brand the SelfPay experience to your store locations from the moment the shopper walks in. We know a shopper is in-store by using a combination of location services and small physical devices called beacons. When a shopper walks into your store, we send the shopper a welcome message and enable in-store shop and pay functions integrated with your POS and payments back end.

    SelfPay displays your item and price information consistent with the specific store the shopper is physically located within. As shoppers move to other stores, SelfPay dynamically moves with them, making it easy and effortless for a shopper to use SelfPay.

  • Which POS systems is SelfPay compatible with?

    We are fully integrated with Vend and Shopify. If you’re not using one of these systems it’s not a problem. Our middleware partners help us integrate with many custom and enterprise-grade POS systems. We can also work with your team to build a direct link to your system.

  • How does SelfPay manage security tags on products?

    If your products have RFID or other security tags affixed to items, we suggest that the associate who verifies SelfPay transactions by checking shopper’s digital receipts also disable or remove any product security tags. This verifying associate can be stationed at the store’s exit, self-checkout station, fitting rooms or any designated SelfPay Verify area. The associate also thanks the shopper for their purchase and offers shopping bags as needed.

    We are working on several advanced solutions that will be able to wirelessly verify and disable security tags without the need for physical RFID readers.

  • What SelfPay features are coming next?

    SelfPay is much more than payments. We are hard at work designing loyalty program integration, offers and dynamic item suggestions based on the shopper’s real world browsing history and loyalty data. We are hard at work designing loyalty program integration, offers and sales suite and dynamic item suggestions based on the shopper’s real world browsing history and loyalty data. Retailers can expect to receive access to data analytics which will provide insights into the shopper’s complete path to purchase. This includes not just what shoppers bought but how often and when items were looked at and added to a cart.

    In addition to new features we are also working to add new payment methods such as Visa Checkout.  Our goal is to make SelfPay a seamless extension of a mobile shoppers’ in-store experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


To read more about SelfPay, download our documentation below.