After a career advising several of the global Fortune 100 tech companies, Wendy MacKinnon Keith founded Digital Retail Apps and conceptualized SelfPay as an in-store shopping assistant to better meet the needs of mobile shoppers.

Today’s mobile payments landscape is highly fragmented. Shoppers and merchants are confused and both report that they are not seeing much of a benefit from available choices. SelfPay was built to remedy this situation; give customers and retailers what they need and build on the solid foundation created by incumbents in the existing ecosystem by extending these systems and solutions to do much more.

Our deep patent portfolio ensures that the SelfPay in-store mobile shopping experience and loss prevention flow is a seamless fit with any store layout, enhancing store operations with minimal change. Digital Retail Apps’ IP portfolio includes US patents #8,720,771, issued May 2014 and #9,262,781, issued February 2016 titled: “System and Method for Facilitating Secure Self Payment Transactions of Retail Goods”.

SelfPay is not another mobile wallet; it’s a better shopper experience.


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